Ethics & Sustainability

Jardin Living – Code of Ethics

Jardin Living strives to conduct business to improve ethical standards and expects our business partners to operate in full compliance with all the necessary applicable laws, rules, and regulations within their region, as well as to abide by our Social Responsibility Code of Conduct & ethics, and promote continual improvements to working conditions throughout our supply chain.

We seek to partner with vendors that conduct their businesses with a set of ethical standards comparable to our own, and we will prefer partners who commit to empower and support working conditions in the facilities and communities they operate in. Jardin Living will favour vendors who are leading the industry through environmental best practices and innovation and will partner with vendors who share our similar commitment to the environment.

Jardin Living condemns and prohibits forced labour or human rights abuses of any kind within our supply chain and only sources materials and operates in manufacturing facilities that can demonstrate fair and humane practices. To ensure safe and secure working conditions are upheld, we conduct audits through 3rd party organisations or ensure our supply chain is signed up to best practise social & environmental initiatives. We are continuously learning and expanding our tool guide program to ensure that no products or raw materials originate from conflict regions. We consider forced labour a zero-tolerance violation of human rights, and any finding or indication related to the subject may result in the immediate termination of the business relationship.


We are an eco-conscious activewear brand that strives to do what is best for planet and people whenever possible, from our products, to our packaging and delivery:

  • We create long lasting and timeless pieces from organic or recycled materials, so that you can buy better and wear for longer at an accessible price. 
  • Our mailer bag is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, it is made out of FSC approved recycled card and dyed using eco-dyes that do not contaminate.
  • We deliver your orders using Green Shipping, which offsets carbon emissions.


 Our Certifications


We are proud supporters of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We make decisions that best support the goals and aim to contribute to a happy, healthy and sustainable future.