The North West Family Business Awards Winner!

The North West Family Business Awards Winner!

Update Post North West Family Business Awards


We are absolutely thrilled to share that we won the North West Family Business Awards!

After the difficulties of COVID, it was so nice to get together in person with other amazing businesses and to see our work paying off!

It was such an unexpected honour to receive this award, we are all feeling very proud that our dedication to make a difference in the fashion industry is being recognised! We can definitely see a shift in people’s attitudes and people are valuing ethical products more and more. Each region in the North West chose their favourite business through an online nomination and a public vote, and we won!

We are very excited and looking forward to for the future and what it holds for us, we continue to work hard and are hoping to spread the awareness for more ethical consumption!

Our brand Ration.L focuses on Vegan footwear, with gender neutral shoes made of vegan leather, and our other brand Reflexone which is helping create a happy, healthy world with activewear made from recycled ocean plastics! We believe that in a world where you can be anything, B-KIND.

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